Announcing our newest partner, Adam Boutin

3 min readJan 17, 2024


We are thrilled to introduce Adam Boutin, our latest team member at Greycroft, who joins as a Partner in our San Francisco office to lead climate tech investing for the Greycroft CCS Sustainability Fund.

Adam brings a wealth of experience from his 15-year career in technology investing across various stages and sectors. Formerly a Founding Partner at Capital One Ventures, Adam played a pivotal role in establishing the San Francisco office, leading practices in Cyber Security, Enterprise Software, and notably, Climate/Impact investing. His notable investments at Capital One Ventures included Verodin (acquired by FireEye), Cylance (acquired by Blackberry), Groove (acquired by Clari), Eightfold, Iterable, Stensul, CodeSignal, EcoCart, Trove, SuperCircle, Goodr, Lightico, and WorkBoard. Before Capital One Ventures, Adam contributed to the investment teams at Menlo Ventures and Summit Partners.

Joining the Greycroft team in San Francisco, Adam will be the second partner in the Bay Area following the announcement of Greycroft’s Bay Area expansion and Marcie Vu joining as a partner earlier this summer.

Adam will spearhead investments for the Greycroft CCS Sustainability Fund, a partnership announced earlier this summer with The Coca-Cola Company and eight leading bottlers globally. The $137.7 million fund is dedicated to strategic investments in packaging, heating and cooling, facility decarbonization, distribution, and the supply chain. We are delighted to leverage Adam’s expertise to identify and support innovative, sustainable solutions alongside some of the top bottling operations globally.

Meet Adam:

What drew you to climate tech/sustainability investing?

There are few issues more systematically challenging and broadly impactful than climate change. As a parent to young kids, I often think about the world I’ll be leaving them, and I love the opportunity to invest in technologies that will play a part in preserving our planet for generations to come.

As an investor, I also think sustainability will become a table stakes topic for every major brand, particularly those making the physical goods we use every day. We are in the early innings of what will become an increasingly massive, continuously evolving, and intellectually stimulating climate tech market.

What has been your career highlight?

While building Capital One Ventures, I enjoyed the process of using venture investing as a platform to tackle meaty operating challenges within a Fortune 500, and through that process create mutual financial and strategic value for all stakeholders involved. It’s one of the things that gets me so excited about the opportunity we have in front of us with the CCS Fund, with the added benefit to our environment.

Where do you see the most opportunity for the CCS Fund?

I think the greatest opportunity is proving out the model that we (Greycroft) and our Coca-Cola partners are pioneering together. Through first and second-hand experience I’ve seen countless models for corporate innovation via startup investing & incubating. My hope is that when we look back on the CCS Fund many years from now, it’s not only generated incredible financial and strategic returns for the Coca-Cola ecosystem, but can also serve as a case study on how Company and Fund partnerships can be structured to deliver unparalleled results.




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